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What kind of QR codes can I generate?
You can generate QR codes of various forms based on URL links, prompt words, and various parameters, as long as the content of the URL is legal and compliant, and the prompt words do not contain political, pornographic, and other illegal and irregular content. As stated in the user agreement, the platform is not responsible for any illegal content generated by any user.
How to improve the recognition rate of QR codes?
The control weight and error correction rate of QR codes are two important parameters for improving the scanning recognition rate. The higher the control weight of the QR code, the higher the contrast of the generated image and the more it deviates from the prompt word. The lower the control weight, the more difficult the generated image is to be recognized, but it will have a more natural visual effect, and it needs to be adjusted properly for different prompt words and seeds. The error correction rate of the QR code determines the density of the information points in the QR code and needs to be adjusted appropriately according to the length of the URL. In addition, trying different seeds can also be helpful.
How to hide the positioning points better?
Try changing different styles of positioning points to get better results. Please note that minimizing the style of the positioning points may have a significant impact on the recognition rate of the QR code, so it is necessary to carefully verify whether it can be recognized.
How to check if a QR code can be recognized?
Different platforms have different QR code recognition algorithms, so the recognition rates may vary. Platforms with high tolerance levels include WeChat Scan, built-in QR code scanner in iOS (search app or add to control center). Platforms with moderate tolerance levels include long pressing and scanning in WeChat, and the native camera app on Apple devices. Other platforms may not be able to recognize QR codes generated by AI, so you need to test the recognition rate yourself.